Race Recap: Run Rogue 5k – Running for a Cause

This Saturday I got myself up bright and early to run in the Run Rogue 5k in Fairfax. I found out about it on Facebook just a week and a half before the race, but once I learned what it was all about, I couldn’t resist signing up. This was the inaugural Run Rogue 5k race, and it was created by the Rogue Racers to honor two of their athletes who are battling brain and breast cancer. The proceeds went to Life With Cancer and the National Brain Tumor Society.

The day I found out about this race my aunt was undergoing surgery to remove two brain tumors, and it’s been just over a year since my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, which thankfully they caught at a very early stage and were able to treat. I was excited for the chance to give to these causes and help out in someway in the fight against cancer.

On race morning, I grabbed a Zipcar and zipped out to Fairfax. It was a bit overcast, but the rain managed to hold off. The start line was a bit crowded, but as the announcer aptly reminded us all – this race wasn’t an Olympic Qualifier, so be careful and have fun. After getting through a slow (well, slow for a 5k) first mile in about 7:45, I was able to pick up the pace for the next 2.1 and finish in 23:26.

It wasn’t my best time, but that’s not what this race was about and it was still a great way to start a Saturday morning! I stayed to hang around the finish line for awhile, and was able to see a lot of cancer survivors (wearing special shirts so you could spot them) cross the line. It was a really inspiring and awesome sight. I’m glad I got to be a part of it and will definitely go back next year!

I was hoping to test my luck in the post-race raffle, but as it started to get a little chillier the Fairfax Wegmans was calling my name. I took advantage of having the car for the morning and headed over to Wegmans to indulge in my favorite chicken finger sub!

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