Gear Review: Reebok 1/2 Zip and Long Sleeve

My boyfriend knows me very well, so for Christmas this year he got me some of my favorite stuff – new running gear! Also knowing how much I hate being cold, he got me some great gear for battling the cold weather.

The Reebok long sleeve is made out of a poly-spandex blend using their PlayDry technology. According to their website, PlayDry is a moisture management system to help keep you cooler, dryer and more comfortable – and that it does. I have an XS that’s tight, but not constricting, and it looks great too. It’s the perfect base layer even on the coldest of runs. The inside of this shirt is super soft, and it even kept me warm on a 9 degree run last week. Perhaps one of it’s best features in my eyes…it can go in the dryer! Since so many of my clothes can’t go through the dryer our apartment ends up completely covered with clothes hanging from every surface on laundry days, so I love anything that can actually go in.

Reebok Long Sleeve

Reebok Long Sleeve

The Reebok half zip, also a poly-spandex (but mostly poly) blend, is the perfect second layer over the long sleeve. Just these two layers have been warm enough for me to run in in temperatures down to 25 degrees, and stay comfortable without overheating up to the mid- to high-40s. I wear a small in this one for a slightly looser fit, which is perfect over the base layer. It also looks and feels great, and like the long sleeve can go in the dryer as well.

I don’t have any other Reebok gear right now, and the softness of the long sleeve and half zip are what really stand out for me. Even after a bunch of runs through the wash, they’re still holding up great and performing well when I hit the road in them! This has become my go-to outfit for cold-weather runs over the past month.

Reebok 1/2 Zip

Reebok 1/2 Zip

While my love of running gear is hard to beat, I do have to say that Ian really hit it out of the park with my last Christmas gift – a beautiful, white gold bracelet. On top of being beautiful it’s not as delicate as most of my other jewelry, which I have a bad tendency to break. Like I said, he knows me well. I can even wear it when I run or shower, so it hasn’t left my wrist since Christmas! Running gear and a beautiful bracelet…I’m a lucky girl!

New Bracelet!

New Bracelet!

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