Guest Blog: The Musings of An Athletic Supporter Part II

My boyfriend Ian guest stars on my blog again today with a second post on what it’s like to be a non-runner at running events. If you like his writing, you can read more over on his blog, Croutons Stuck in Futons. I’m a bit biased, but it’s pretty darn good and really entertaining.

Guest Blogger: Ian Gallagher

Run Rogue 5k: A View from the Sideline

First off, this is a great event supporting a great cause. The fights against Brain and Breast Cancer deserve our attention and support for more than the time it takes to run a 5K, especially at the pace some of the runners were going.

Some non-running race observations. First off they served coffee to everyone, not just those who decided to tackle the race. It is nice when Race Directors remember that spectators are part of the experience. Point to Run Rogue.

The Race had an excellent atmosphere. Between the MC keeping the crowd involved during the dark side of the race* and the feel good vibes coming with all of the cancer survivors coming through the finish line, the Rogues definitely had the ambiance of a great race.

*The dark side of a race is the moment the last runner leaves the starting area until the winner comes charging into view. Most participants never know the 12 minute awkward pause as people wait with noisemakers in hand. It is the Action Movie elevator scene writ large.

Finally, the race had easy and accessible parking. No meters or pay lots, just a large enough free lot to park in. Run Rogue 5k you rock. I really thought this was a great race, and one I would recommend to all levels of athletic supporters and their families, whether you are running or just there to yell.

Crowded Start Line!

Crowded Start Line!

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