Final Prep: The Day Before Race Day

The day before a race I like to get everything ready, so I have nothing to stress me out or worry about on race day. It also keeps me from forgetting things. The Cherry Blossom 10 Miler expo opened on Friday so I was able to take care of that and pick up my race bib yesterday.

I took it easy today and didn’t work out. I’m used to rest days, but it felt very strange on a Saturday. I checked out the course map one last time to remind myself where the water stops would be and plan out spots for Ian to see me along the course and meet up after.

I pinned my number onto my race shirt. I always do this while I’m wearing the shirt becuase of an incident during a triathlon where I tried to slip into my shirt after the swim only to realize I’d put the saftey pins through both sides of the shirt! I check the weather forecast one last time and decide what to wear then lay out all my clothes from head to toe to make sure I’ve got everything I need. I also pack a post-race bag with a change of clothes and different sneaks to put on after the race.

Ready to Run!

Ready to Run!

I also charge my Garmin even if I’ve recently charged it because I might actually panic if it died on me during a race. I make sure I have my Road ID ready and my Gu or other fuels I plan to take during the race too.

Gu, Garmin and Road ID

Gu, Garmin and Road ID

I plan out my breakfast too. I’ve got the bread maker running so I can have a slice of toast to go with my banana and yogurt. I have a Clif Bar too that I’ll eat if I still feel hungry. Usually for races of this distance I won’t need it, but like to have it ready just in case.



I’d like to say I’m planning on a lowkey early night, but my Syracuse Orange have made the Final Four, so I’ll be rooting them on with fellow Syracuse friends tonight! Go Orange!

Good luck to everyone running Cherry Blossom tomorrow morning! Say hi if you see me out there!



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