Healthy Eats From A Picky-Eating Athlete

I was recently contacted by FitKit to write a guest post for their blog. FitKit is a site where nutrition is made personal for everyone through an interactive lifestyle quiz. After answering questions about your lifestyle in the quiz designed by doctors, you’ll be given a list of suggested vitamins/supplements that you should take. I don’t take anything more than a daily vitamin and I’m never really sure what vitamins are actually necessary, so I think this is a pretty cool concept to help people better understand their needs.

Along with their online quiz, FitKit has a blog with a mission is to build a community around making health and fitness transparent. They asked for me to contribute a post on nutrition and I was more than happy to do so. I’m by no means an expert or a registered dietician/nutrionist, but I have done a lot of research on the topic over the years and was excited to offer my insight about trying to eat healthy as a picky-eating athlete.

You can check out my post on their site here: Healthy Eats From A Picking-Eating Athlete

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