FitBloggin’13 is Underway

I know I’ve been talking about it a lot, but FitBloggin’13 is finally here, and it’s off to a great start! I was a bit nervous heading down to registration and the welcome mixer since I didn’t know anyone here, but those worries went away quickly. I checked in and was immediately handed a bag full of swag and sent to the Reebok table in the expo to pick up some shoes and a tank top. Leading up to this week, I heard rumors on twitter of the swag being great here and they did not exaggerate! I got some incredible stuff…

So much SWAG!!!

So much SWAG!!!

After heading into the welcome mixer I worked my way over to a table to decorate my name tag and started to talk to some of the other bloggers. We had a good amount of time to mingle and then played some fun ice breakers to get to know each other ending with a mini dance party. This is going to be a great couple days! It’s also going to be a busy couple days so I’ll do my best to get some updates on the blog, but expect full recaps to come after I’m back home!

Early to bed tonight to get ready for an action-packed day tomorrow starting with boot camp and a Reebok cardio dance class. Here we go!

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