Back on a Plan

I’ve been slowly getting back into my running groove lately, but I have been running whatever I feel like and mixing in a lot of cross training with no real plan or purpose. Sometimes I like this, but I also tend to do a lot better when I’m on a plan – so I’m pretty excited to be getting myself back onto a training plan.

This week I’m starting half marathon training. I haven’t made a final decision on which fall half I’ll do yet, but I’m looking at either the International Peace Half Marathon on the C&O Path in DC or the Navy Air Force Half, which I ran last year, also in DC. Both are the weekend of September 13th and I have a handful of shorter races planned along the way – more to come on that!

The week ahead will be all easy runs ranging from 3 to 8 miles just working on base building! Thanks to a Facebook contest from my favorite running store, Pacers, I won a new pair of Saucony Kinvara 5s along with a new tank, Feeture’s running socks and a Sweaty Band headband! So exciting and I can’t wait to take the new shoes out for a spin tomorrow to kick off my training!

New Saucony Kinvaras courtesy of a Pacers Running Store contest!

New Saucony Kinvaras courtesy of a Pacers Running Store contest!

Do you like being on a plan or just running by how you feel each day? Does new gear motivate you to get out there an go?! Tell me about your summer and fall race plans – any big goals coming up?


4 thoughts on “Back on a Plan

  1. My first ever plan was the Couch to 5k, I thought it was great. I’ve been looking for 10k plans and other higher millage but can’t seem to find a good one. I like plans! but I haven’t followed one for ages, I just run what I feel like + more…which isn’t the best idea! & I love new gear!

    • Have you checked out the Hal Higdon plans? I’m a big fan of his and he does some 10k ones too. I like that his plans come in varying levels of intensity based on how experienced a runner you are/what your goals are. That’s awesome the Couch to 5k worked well for you – always nice when something works out!

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