An Ode to the Tank that Got Me Through Summer Runs

The weather has finally turned here, or so it seems. I know I shouldn’t rule out a late-September heat wave in D.C., but it does seem that fall is officially here. Part of me loves this and part of me hates this. I hate that I have less daylight hours to run in and that it means winter is around the corner. Winter really isn’t too bad here, but thanks to 22 years of growing up in Syracuse, I still get a feeling of dread when winter is coming.

On the plus side, fall weather is my FAVORITE! I can wear my hoodies and longsleeves with thumbholes again – or at least actually wear them outside of an air conditioned room again! While I don’t mind running when it’s hot out, there’s no denying that I’m ready for a break from the hot, humid and gross runs of this summer.

Lots of things help get me through the hottest and most humid runs of summer like chugging water and nuun all day long, standing in front of the open freezer door when I get home or carrying a water pack or bottle along the way. I added a new tool to my arsenal this summer though when I bought the mio mesh tank from Oiselle. Coinciding perfectly with my move to an apartment with in-unit laundry, you might say I wore this tank A LOT this summer.

Oiselle Mio Mesh Tank

Oiselle Mio Mesh Tank

It’s amazingly light-weight.  It’s like you’re running in just a sports bra, except that you’re not. I’ve never been a run-in-just-a-sports-bra-girl (no problem with those that do though), so for me this is sheer perfection. I didn’t have a single chafing issue while wearing it – a major win while summer running in prep for a marathon. It also looks great too – substance & style – even after the longest of hot, sweaty runs when I’m certainly not looking so great!


It made summer running so much better and while it’s certainly not cool enough to pack it away in my closet just yet, I’m sure during the coldest days of winter (big time cold weather wimp here) I’ll be yearning for the hot, humid days I can bust this tank back out!

Fall Races!

While I hate that summer is almost over meaning less daylight hours and winter just around the corner, fall is my hands-down favorite weather season of the year. It also means it’s fall racing season! I haven’t raced throughout the entire month of August and am getting a little stir-crazy, so I’m excited that my fall line-up of races is almost here.

This is where I’ll be racing this fall…

September 14 – Navy-Air Force Half Marathon
I’m a little terrified that I have a half marathon so soon, but then when I think about it I’ve been running further than that during my long runs for a month and a half now including a couple 17 milers. I’m a little concerned about keeping the pace I want so this will be a great test of my fitness. Most of the course is along the Marine Corps Marathon route as well, so it’ll be great practice!

September 28 – Pacers Clarendon Day Double
I’ll be running both the 5k and the 10k put on by Pacers as part of the Clarendon Day Festival. I’m so excited for this race. I’ve never done two races in one day before and I’m really looking forward to the speedy, mostly downhill courses. The 5k is up first so I’m going to shoot for a PR in that and then just see how the 10k goes after I’ve gotten myself back up the hill for the start of that one!

October 13 – Undecided
Acumen Solutions Race for  A Cause 8k … OR … Boo! Run for Life 10k
My coach suggested I look for an 8k or 10k this week and I’ve found one of each – both pretty close to home and roughly the same price. The 8k is closer but the 10k is flatter and a familiar course for me. Advice is appreciated! If you’ve done either of these races in the past, let me know what you think about them.

October 27 – Marine Corps Marathon
This is the big one – the race I’ve been waiting all year for since I had to defer my entry last year while stuck in physical therapy. It’s my chance to finally get my Boston Qualifier in my 10th marathon. I simultaneously can’t wait for it to get here and am terrified of it getting here too soon. I love this race though. It’ll be my third MCM and I LOVE the course change announcements recently unveiled that make it more similar to my first go at MCM in 2006. They’ve done away with  the Canal Road portion of the race, which I was never a big fan of, and added in Rock Creek Parkway. Let the countdown commence!

Here I was near the finish two year’s ago after Marine Corps…

After - wrapped in my space blanket, happy to be done!

After – wrapped in my space blanket, happy to be done!

Let me know where you’ll be racing this fall!! Any big PR goals?