Cold Weather Gear

December is here and that usually means running in the cold. The D.C. weather is treating us to a bit of extra warmth however. I was able to bike into work this morning in capri length shorts and a windbreaker, and I was actually too warm! I’m never too warm, so that’s saying something. We might hit close to 70 tomorrow. As a self-proclaimed cold-weather wimp, I will take all the nice weather I can get.

Mizuno Breath Thermo Gear

Mizuno Breath Thermo Gear

Chances are this isn’t going to last though, and the cold will eventually come. I’m hoping to be running again soon as my recovery seems to be going really well, and I don’t want to be limited to just the treadmill, so running in the cold will be inevitable. Over the last year I have made more of an effort to still get in outdoor runs even as the temperatures drop and learned that the right gear makes it so much better.

My favorite cold weather running gear is Mizuno’s Breath Thermo long sleeve shirt and gloves. Their Breath Thermo technology has seriously revolutionized cold weather running for me. It’s a fabric that absorbs sweat (or rain, sleet or snow) and generates heat to keep you warm. It’s truly amazing. Worn as a base layer under my Columbia jacket shell and paired with the gloves and a winter hat lined with Under Armour, it keeps me toasty on even the coldest runs, including one especially cold and snowy run in Minneapolis last winter – the ultimate test.

Do you brave the cold weather or head to the gym when the temps drop? What gear keeps you warm if you do go out in the cold?

3 thoughts on “Cold Weather Gear

  1. I definitely try to brave the weather here when I can – would much prefer to be outside than on the treadmill. I love reading others’ recommendations on cold weather gear as I try to find the best fit for myself.

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