Best Running Shorts Ever

The Christmas before last I got a pair of Athleta’s Hana Run Shorts, and they quickly became my favorite pair of running shorts. Lightweight and breathable, these were perfect for those hot and sticky summer runs in D.C. Made of a micropolyester material they call Swiftek, these shorts wick moisture away from your body and dry quickly.

I have them in black with a white band just below the waist and a flowery detail in white on the left leg, so on top of feeling great, they look great too. These shorts sit low on the waist with a wide elastic waist band that has a drawstring so you can wear them as tight as you want, and have a built-in brief so you can run sans anything underneath if you want to. These shorts don’t bunch anywhere or rub uncomfortably even on my longest runs, and I put them to the ultimate test wearing them for my last marathon in 70+ degree weather.


I used to wear spandex capri-length shorts even on a lot of the hottest days because I just didn’t love how any of my running shorts felt, but these have completely changed that for me and are easily the best running shorts I’ve ever had.

The black ones retail for $39, but you can currently snag select sizes in other colors for just 19.99 on their website. I treated myself to a couple new pairs at the sale price adding a coastal green and an asphalt pair of the Hana Run Shorts to my always expanding running gear collection.

Athleta Hana Run Shorts

Athleta Hana Run Shorts

(Note: Athleta in no way compensated me for this post or asked me to write it, I just really love their clothes and especially these shorts.)

2 thoughts on “Best Running Shorts Ever

  1. You’d think good running shorts would be easy to find, but they’re actually one in a million! I have fallen in love with a pair of shorts from Lucy – I don’t think they’re running specific, but they don’t ride up, they’re so comfortable and they aren’t super short. A win/win! I’ll have to check out Athleta. I’ve heard of them before, but I haven’t tried any of their stuff!

    • I know, it’s so tough! I have a good pair of Nike shorts I just bought recently too, but I’ve only worn them a few times and only on the treadmill, so we’ll see how they hold up! Athleta is definitely worth a try, and I’m pretty sure they have a really good return policy even after you’ve worked out in clothes too.

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