Running Missteps

Warning: Picture at the bottom is not safe for viewing while eating lunch!

Have you ever done something running related that you knew was a bad idea, but you went ahead and did it anyways? I know I sure have.

Tried to sweat out sickness with a tough run? Been there.

Think doing a long run or a race hungover won’t be that bad? Don’t remind me!

Done something for the first time in a race even though you’ve done enough races to know that’s breaking a cardinal rule? Check.

Run through pain thinking how much damage could I really be doing? More times than I’d like to admit. I could keep going, but I’m sure you get the drift.

Yesterday I made one of these running missteps. I ran in old shoes… really old shoes. I just couldn’t get myself out of bed for my track workout in the morning, but I had a personal training session at a client’s later last night not too far from the track so I figured I’d fit it in before then.

It was a busy morning at work and I ended up working through lunch, but hit a breaking point later in the afternoon. It was a gross, rainy day so I decided I could hit the office gym and switch my tempo run and track days. Naturally I didn’t have my gear with me, but I did have a back up set of gym clothes and an old pair of running sneaks that have seen one too many 20 milers to be used on anything but the elliptical anymore. I forgot a headband and I was wearing my glasses instead of my contacts. Clearly I should’ve paid attention to all of these signs and bagged the run.

Instead I did a just more than 6.5 mile tempo run at an average 7:30 pace. I could feel the blisters forming and I almost never get blisters. I should have stopped. I kept telling myself I was just being a baby and looking for an excuse to get out of my tempo run. Somehow I made it the whole way, but boy did it make for an uncomfortable walk home. I had multiple blisters on both feet and the biggest blood blister I’ve ever seen on my big toe. Ouch!

Fortunately blisters will heal and my feet should be fine in a day or two, but what a stupid mistake! Just in case you’re wondering, I’m getting rid of the shoes today and have already removed them from my office so I won’t be tempted to do that again!

Have you ever done something against your better judgement on a run? How’d it turn out for you?

Second Warning: Super gross picture below!


3 thoughts on “Running Missteps

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