Footprints: Monday Morning Recap

Life has been a bit crazy busy lately to say the least, but I still felt really good about last week’s workouts. My track workout felt great and I got to explore a new city on my long run!

Here’s the day by day breakdown…

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 7 mile run plus 4 striders around the Mall and Hains Point.

Wednesday: I got in a quick strength workout focusing on upper body and core.

Thursday: Back to my usual track night this week, I had a tough time motivating myself to get to the track since the time has moved back half an hour later and I now have to go home first instead of going straight from work. Once I got there I felt great though. The skies opened up briefly and poured on us for a couple laps, but then it dried up again resulting in much more comfortable running temps. My workout was 6X1000 meters and I hit my splits in 4:33, 4:35, 4:33, 4:35, 4:33, 4:33.

Friday: Unplanned Rest Day – hate when this happens and spent the whole day wishing I hadn’t hit snooze one too many times in the morning as the day slipped away without another chance to get a workout in.

Saturday: I got my long run in on the streets of Montreal. The weather was perfect and it’s always fun exploring a new city! My watch died around mile 8, so I’m not entirely sure how far I ran. I went another 20 minutes or so after that.

Sunday: After eating too much convention center food all day I got in a solid workout at the hotel gym spending 40 minutes on the elliptical and doing a lower body/core-focused strength workout.


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