Weekend Fun In Alex Bay

Ian and I headed north last weekend to celebrate his brother’s wedding in Alexandria Bay. It’s about 90 miles north of Syracuse and just south of Canada. His family has a camp nearby so I’ve been there a few times over the past couple years and it’s an incredibly beautiful area.

View from Ian's Camp

View from Ian’s Camp

The fun kicked off Friday night with a cocktail hour and delicious dinner at the Clipper Inn in Clayton for the bridal party and out of town guests. Colin, the groom and Ian’s younger brother, is a naval architect and a reserve officer in the U.S. Navy so the weekend was themed in a nautical fashion. I particularly loved the place-cards for our seats at dinner that night.


Name cards at our seats for the rehearsal dinner – yellow flags indicated the meal we chose and I thought the life savers were a great touch!

The party continued back at the Riveredge Resort with another cocktail reception for the rest of the wedding guests that had gotten into town already. This was pretty convenient since we were also staying there. It was a nice hotel right on the water. The cocktail reception was a blast. The wedding ceremony took place at Boldt Castle and was a beautiful ceremony!

Brittany, the bride, walked down a tower out of a fairy tale and the ceremony was underway.


When asking Ian for the rings – his one official best man duty – the officiant jokingly asked him if he’d remembered the rings. I had to hold in a laugh because this could have turned out very differently. Shortly after Ian left the hotel to board the ferry over to the island for the ceremony, I stumbled upon two blue ring boxes still in our hotel room. These can’t possibly still have the rings in them I thought, but yes, there they were. I called Ian in a panic but didn’t catch him before he’d left. Fortunately I was able to get there well ahead of the start of the ceremony to hand the rings off to Ian! Assist to me! As Ian keeps saying – they weren’t lost, they were in an unexpected location.

The reception at the Opera House back in Clayton was another great night of dinner, drinks and dancing. It was such a great weekend and so much fun to get to spend time with both of our families throughout the weekend!



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